Internet Law has grown exponentially over the last 20+ years and has proven to be a hotbed of continually changing laws, rules and regulations...and problems to go with it.  Fortunately Beebe Law, PLLC has been keeping up to date and can help advise you and lead you in the right direction if you have questions relating to internet use and repercussions from the same - including advising on options relating to defamation. If you are a website owner battling over your right to maintain third-party's content, being served with lawsuits or subpoenas that are requesting your anonymous author's identifying information due to alleged defamation or other similar claims arising out of third-party content, we can help.  We can also help if you simply need assistance with drafting or updating your website's privacy policies and terms of use to ensure that you are compliant with laws like the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"). Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss how we may assist you with the following:

  • Communications Decency Act (commonly referred to as the "CDA" or "Section 230")
  • Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA")
  • CAN-SPAM Act (Federal Trade Commission's rules for commercial email)
  • Online Defamation and First Amendment/Free Speech Rights Consultation
    • Review Arizona Defamation Law Definitations and Statute of Limitations Information HERE.
    • We do not typically litigate these matters because litigating only makes the law firms money and doesn't necessarily help the client in the long run - unless the alleged defamer has deep pockets.  Before litigating, you should read why getting Court Orders to ask sites to remove content doesn't often work. 
  • Reputation Management Consultation
    • Discuss your options outside of costly litigation and ways to improve responses.
  • Social Media and Use Repercussions
  • Website Terms of Use/Service
  • Website ADA Compliance Consultation

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