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11/7/2018 | Anette Beebe attends the Media Law Resource Center ("MLRC") Annual Dinner in New York, New York

Invited as a guest by an international corporate law firm, Ms. Beebe had the opportunity to attend the MLRC'sannual dinner.  This year's theme was "1968: Echoes of a Tumultuous Year."  As described online "[f]ifty years later, the political and social upheaval of 1968 seems all too relevant to today's world."  The all-star panel of speakers included Lynn Sherr, Max Frankel, Marvin Kalb, Lydia Pologreen and Geff Greenfield to discuss their covrage of the events of '68; how the country has changed since then in polotics, race relations and women's rights; and whether those events might have played out differently in today's media environment.  "Simply fascinating!" ​said Ms. Beebe.

​​10/25/2018 | Anette Beebe attends COMO III: Content Moderation at Scale conference in New York, New York

As a continuation of the prior two conferences on content moderation, St. John's University in Manhattan hosted COMO III: Content Moderation and the Future of Online Speech.  This conference explored how online platforms create policy to moderate and remove user content poted on their websites; how they operationalize thoe policies, and how such policies affect the culture of online speech for individuals and new media.  The pannel included representatives from top platforms (including Google and Facebook) former moderators speaking to the history of how content moderation policies were created, simulation exercies for the audience, and a keynote panel on content moderation and free speech with Ben Smith (Editor-in-Chief of Buzzfeed) and Josh Marshall (Founder, Editor and Publisher of Taking Points Memo) which was moderated by Jack Balkin (Professor of Law at Yale Lawschool). In speaking about the event Ms. Beebe said "Each time I go I learn something new."

​​10/20/2018 | Anette Beebe Presents at the Esther's Court Empowerment Conference in Phoenix, AZ 

Being passionate about educating teens about repercussions associated with use of the internet, Ms. Beebe was invited by Esther's Court to speak to group of young ladies (agest 12-18) on the topic of "purity" in the context of the internet.  In discussing the event, Ms. Beebe said "What seemed to hit home for the girls was being told that once a picture is sent to anyone or posted publicly, they can no longer control what happens to it."

09/14/2018 | Anette Beebe Presents at the California Lawyers Association Inaugrual Annual Conference in San Diego, CA

Alongside fellow lawyer Heather Antoine from Beverlyhills, CA, Ms. Beebe had the opportunity to be a panelist for a CLE session for other lawyers relating to ADA Compliance, GDPR, CaCPA/CCPA, Trademark and Brand Registry with e-commerce sites like Amazon and Ebay.  There were approximately 100 individuals registered for the pannel discussion.

5/18/2018 | Anette Beebe Presents at Internet Lawyers Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, NV

With colleagues who have expertise in all areas of internet law from around the county, and from the United Kingdom, Anette Beebe joined the group for the summer session of Internet Lawyers Leadership Summit ("ILLS") held in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 17-18, 2018. Following up on her prior presentations at ILLS Ms. Beebe presented on updates relating to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act including the new FOSTA-SESTA law, issues surrounding, and updates on case law including covering the oral argument held before the California Supreme Court in Hassell v. Bird which she co-authored an amicus brief in support of Yelp.​​

5/7/2018 | Anette Beebe attends COMO: Content Moderation at Scale conference in Washington, DC

As a continuation from the first Content Moderation conference held at Santa Clara Law in early February 2018 the collective brain trust including legal and privacy professionals from major internet sites/platforms (Match Group, Vimeo, TripAdvisor, Twitter, Twitch, Automattic, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Wikimedia, and TechDirt) and many other organizations including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and a representative from Europol, gathered together to continue exploring the vexing challenges that Internet platforms face in moderating content online including the recent phenomena like #deepfakes, Russian election interference, and extremist content.

​3/2/2018 | Anette Beebe attends the ABA's 23rd Annual Forum on Communications Law

"Three solid days of Communications Law may sound boring to many but for me it's amazing!" said Anette. For three solid days, pro First Amendment counsel from across the country, and even from accross the pond, i.e., London, gathered together to discuss hot topics in the law ranging from Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, to Trademark and Copyright infringment cases, to website/platform content moderation and removal issues, and yes, even privacy and security including the new European Union ("EU") regulation known as the General Data Privacy Regulation ("GDPR" for short).  When you have lawyers who are either from or representing media outlets like CNN, Fox and the Associated Press, mixed with counsel for organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation ("EFF") and Yelp!, you can be sure that there is no shortage in conversation and sharing of knowledge.  

​​2/2/2018 | Anette Beebe attends the Content Moderation and Removal at Scale conference at Santa Clara Law.

Gathered together with other legal and privacy professions from major internet sites/platforms (Automattic, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, Medium, Nextdoor, Pinterest, Reddit, Wikimedia and Yelp) to have rich discussions on the difficulties that User Generated Content (UGC) sites have when it comes to content moderation and subsequent removal requests. Echoed at the conference was how being middle man is a difficult position to be in. How much do you censor? What if the information is really icky but documented history? Do you still censor it? Where can machines/bots/algorithms be helpful in automating processes and where do you still need human interaction? What is happening with the mental health of all those who have to moderate out bad/extreme content and how do you combat those very real problems? Concerns for employee safety on these platforms...  "I help address these issues for website clients on a regular basis and there is no easy one size fits all solution." said Anette  

9/2/2017 | Anette Beebe volunteers with Aspiring Children, LLC to talk about internet and technology law with kids.

Gathered together with the other awesome people from Aspiring Children, LLC, STEM Titans, and Mocha Princess AZ, Inc., Anette Beebe (and other passionate speakers) spent the day at DeVry University with young children to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and provide them with the opportunity to Q&A about internet and technology law including safety issues (which Anette spoke on) and about being an author of children's books, being an engineer, and an all around entrepreneur. "It's a great way to give back to the community" and "a great time was had by all!" said Anette.

7/14/2017 | Anette Beebe attends the Summer Social by StartupGrind #YESPHX

When you truly are an entrepreneur yourself and have a passion and desire to help other like minded entrepreneurs who are in the grind, mixing it up, and developing the next greatest go mingle! There is nothing better than sitting around and talking shop with so many amazing visionaries. 

5/19/2017 | Anette Beebe Presents at Internet Lawyers Leadership Summit

With colleagues who have expertise in all areas of internet law from around the county, and from the United Kingdom, Anette Beebe joined the group for the summer session of Internet Lawyers Leadership Summit ("ILLS") held in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 18-19, 2017. Following up on her prior presentation at ILLS in Miami, Florida in December, Ms. Beebe gave a "speed session update" on May 19th titled "Unacceptable Shortcuts: Bogus Defamation Actions" addressing the rise in bogus defamation cases, and subsequent court orders, that are plaguing the court systems and search engines like Google.

2/13/2017 | Anette Beebe Presents at Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business

Anette Beebe presented at Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business for MBA students studying Supply Chain Management.  Ms. Beebe's presentation was titled "Contract Terms: Points for Mindful Negotiations" and covered the three main types of contracts and discussed components thereof including: parties to the contract; risk sharing; most favored customer; description of goods and services; pricing; payment; shipping; terms/duration; termination and common associated boilerplate language including warranties; choice of law/forum; arbitration clauses; jury trial waivers; serverability clauses; cooperation clauses; integration/merger clauses; damages including liquidated damages; indemnification and breach and notice clauses.  Post-presentation feedback from one student said "Guest speakers like Beebe are key to bringing the business world into the classroom!" while another student stated how valuable Ms. Beebe's presentation would be to her as she begins her career in supply management.

​12/9/2016 | Anette Beebe Presents at Internet Lawyers Leadership Summit

With colleagues who have expertise in all areas of internet law from around the county, and from the United Kingdom, Anette Beebe joined the group for the winter session of Internet Lawyers Leadership Summit ("ILLS") held in Miami, Florida on December 8-9, 2016. On December 9, 2016 Ms. Beebe co-presented a session titled "Communications Decency Act ("CDA") Litigation Update" which discussed court opinions of numerous CDA related cases from 2016 and later presented another session titled "Unacceptable Shortcuts: Bogus Defamation & Copyright Suits to Disable Online Content" which shed light on concerning trends in the reputation management industry.

5/16/2016 | Anette Beebe Presents at Blue Ridge High School

Anette Beebe, in connection with the local community outreach program through the fire department, presented at Blue Ride High School in Lakeside, Arizona.  The presentation was titled "For the Love of the Internet" and openly discussed Internet use and repercussions from the same.  Topics covered during the presentation included written language and interpretations, social media use, and repercussions including getting banned from use, getting into physical altercations, privacy and security issues, issues with the law including civil (defamation) and criminal (harassment); psychological concerns and loss of opportunities in the future.  One student, in post-presentation feedback, said that the presentation was helpful because it wasn't just about bullying and that Ms. Beebe spoke to their level and didn't come across lecturing.  Another student said that the presentation on data security was "very interesting."  Even faculty members commented how they learned a lot from Ms. Beebe's presentation and had post-presentation follow-up questions.