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Beebe Law, PLLC

Anette, I want to thank you for all your help. You put so much effort into this whole thing and I couldn't have done it without you.

- A. B., Business Client

Arizona Small Business Law Internet Law

Arizona Small Business Law 

At Beebe Law, PLLC we understand that "business as usual" can sometimes be a little less than "usual" and while those free online "do-it-yourself" forms and contracts might be tempting based on cost or convenience, savvy business owners know that it's better to have documents crafted or reviewed with their specific business needs and goals in mind.  If you aren't sure what we're talking about, check out some of Anette Beebe's videos on TikTok or Instagram for some general business tips.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss you needs or concerns with any of the following:

Outside In-House Counsel Services

There is a reason attorneys are often called "counselors."  Any good business owner knows that they needs a solid second opinion on occasion and you don't have to be a big business in order to have an attorney "in your office" to get it.  You too, a small business, can have access to your own outside "In-House Counsel" to discuss with you concerns about employees, competitors, general business management and procedures or even help brainstorm your next big idea.  As an addition you can even schedule to have someone come in and give your employees a training on particular topics that may be causing issues, such as social media use.  Of course, every business is different and such arrangement should be uniquely tailored to your individual business needs (not a "one size fits all" approach like other programs).  To learn more about our In-House Counsel Services and contact us, review our Outside In-House Counsel Service page. 

Business Affairs handled by Beebe Law include:

  • Completed a full brand concept review prior to LLC registration.
  • Arranged for third-party Statutory Agent and completed LLC registration documents.
  • Consulted and obtained quick resolution of prior ongoing business partner dispute.
  • Drafted operating agreement for business partners in the music instrument industry.
  • Drafted operating agreement for single member LLC in connection with a seven figure small business loan for purchase of real estate and business.
  • Consulted on a contract for a landscaping company as to rights and obligations under the same.
  • Drafted Business to Business service agreement for Social Media Marketing company.
  • Consulted with business client on concerns relating to employee wage garnishment order.
  • Consulted with handyman business relating to concerns with construction contractor failing to pay for services.
  • Drafted model release for physical therapy company with an eye towards use on social media.
  • Consulted on promissory note contract that a party had breached.
  • Consulted on non-compete clause in employment contract for employee wanting to go out on their own and start their own business.
  • Consulted on new business website concerns including forms, content, etc.
  • Drafted Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement for business concerned about Trade Secrets and employees.
  • Drafted Intellectual Property License Agreements (copyright and trademark).

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