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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

- Warren Buffett

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​​​Digital Crisis Response Plan

Warren Buffett is attributed online to having said "[i]t takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it."  Now more than ever, individuals, and businesses have to be proactive about protecting their brand and reputation. Digital Crisis Response Plans are part of the Brand Protection and reputation management process and while you always want to hope for the best, you should plan and be ready for the worst.  Just know that whether you are being proactive and planning to address future situations, or find yourself in the middle of a digital crisis, we're here to help!

What is a Digital Crisis?

A "digital crisis" can mean different things to different people but generally speaking, it can mean a situation that occurs unexpectedly, that can cause harm to one's brand and reputation.  Big corporations and high-profile individuals aren't the only ones that can be targeted either.  Given today's digital age, even private individuals and small businesses can be at risk for digital crisis.

A "digital crisis" can encompass pretty much anything that would keep you up at night, including:

  • Internet trollsand other forms of business disruptors online
  • ​Online harassment via electronic devices (including "revenge porn")
  • Online Imposters (through websites and social media accounts)
  • Intellectual Property infringement online (Trademark and Copyright)
  • Leaked confidential and other proprietary information online
  • Dissemination of fake news and personal information online
  • Defamation/smear campaigns online
  • Social Media/Marketing staff making inaccurate or colorful statements that don't align with company mission
  • Social Media/Marketing staff responding to critical reviews without consideration for legal implications

​​What is a Digital Crisis Plan?

​​A Digital Crisis Plan is a carefully crafted document that:

  • Addresses the worst case scenarios that would keep you up at night; and
  • Outlines a specific response/action to each of the scenarios​.

How Beebe Law Can Help You.

Beebe Law has experience in dealing with various Digital Crisis and can help you be prepared by:

  • Consulting with you and any PR/Marketing team to form the basis for your Digital Crisis Response Plan
  • Consult with you and any PR/Marketing team to determine best persons to be involved when a digital crisis strikes
  • Prepare your Digital Crisis Response Plan based upon everyone's valuable input
  • Provide training and test the Digital Crisis Response Plan to ensure things run smooth when a digital crisis strikes 
  • Help manage your Digital Crisis Response Plan and update it as necessary (this is not mean to be a static plan because times/technology changes)
  • Provide support to you when a digital crisis happens

If you're ready to take a proactive approach to protecting your brand and reputation, or have found yourself in the middle of a digital crisis and are unsure what to do, contact us!  ​​​

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