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Foreign State Subpoena Domestication in Arizona 

Are you litigating in another state but need to conduct discovery here in the State of Arizona?  Have no clue where to start?  We can help you do-it-yourself ​for a flat fee, operate as a local legal consultant to help process the matter for you, or, in some circumstances, even co-counsel with you.

DO IT YOURSELF INSTRUCTIONS: If you are a "Do-It-Yourself" type of person, but have better things to do than spending time researching applicable rules and statutes, and would benefit from having simple step-by-step instructions tailored to your general discovery request type, conveniently tied back to the specific rules or applicable statutes for verification and reference...we've got you!  For a single flat fee of $350 we will provide you with general instructions so simple that you might be able to train your dog to do it!  Okay...kidding about the dog part but seriously, you can save yourself the time and reduce the potential for making little mistakes that could result in costly, but common, objections down the road for a simple flat fee.  If you want to go with this option, simply fill out the form (we will run conflict checks off the same) and choose the "Tell Me How for $350!" option at the bottom of the form.  This will signal to us that you wish to retain our flat fee research and instructions service.  Typical turn-around time is 1-3 business days from the date that the signed retention agreement is returned and the flat fee payment has been received, in good funds.  After we have provided you with the instructions, if you need referrals to vendors, we will be happy to provide you with a few names (if we have ones that suit your needs).

LEGAL CONSULTANT: MOST POPULAR If you would like us to step in as a legal consultant to prepare and marshal the documents for you here in Arizona we've got you covered!  We know that sometimes it's a lot easier to sign a quick retention letter, pay a retainer fee and hand off a project, especially where unfamiliar rules and laws are applied, to just "get it done."  Indeed, we can help you get it done!  We will handle preparing the domestication documents, associated letters, arranging for court runners, ensuring the subpoena is domesticated by the court clerk in the proper county, calculate the witness fee where applicable, and see to it that the domesticated subpoena is sent to the process server for service. The only thing we can't do, since we are not a registered reporting firm, unless we are retained by the party in the case (you/your client) as co-counsel, is arrange for the court reporting services.  We can likely give you recommendations though!  Where we are merely acting as a legal consultant for you we ask that you handle arranging the deposition location, the court reporter, and any special need arrangements that may be related.  After being retained, we can instruct you as to the rules relating to count/distance so that you may make appropriate arrangements.  Teamwork makes the dream work!  If you want to go with this option, simply fill out the form (we will run conflict checks off the same) and choose the "Legal Consultant" option at the bottom.

CO-COUNSEL:  In limited circumstances we may be willing to co-counsel with you and operate as local counsel.  This may be ideal if you believe you are going to receive heavy pushback to your discovery request that may result in your having to file a Motion to Compel or need/want a warm body present at a deposition, discovery inspection, etc.  If you want to explore this option, fill out the form (we will run conflict checks off the same) and choose the "Let's Co-Counsel" option at the bottom.

COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH THE PROCESS:  We are often asked "how much is this gonna cost me/my client?"  Unless you opt for the flat "Tell Me How for $350" option, we can never really provide an exact price.  The typical retainer for the Legal Consultant option is $750.  This is intended to cover attorney/assistant time, any postage and copying fees, the cost of the runner and court fees which are usually under $100, and process service which is usually under $100 when routine and local.   



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