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Foreign State Subpoena Domestication 

Are you litigating in another state but need to conduct discovery here in the State of Arizona?  See our article on Domesticating a Foreign State Subpoena in Arizona for a few pointers on the same.  If you would like our assistance, to have boots on the ground here in Arizona for making sure it is done correctly rather than trying to get up to speed on the nuances yourself, we may be able to assist you.  Simply fill out the form below, we will conduct a conflict check based upon the information that you provide, and will then email you with additional questions or to provide you with information relating to costs for services and advise what the retainer fee will be.

Typical Associated Costs with Foreign State Subpoena Domestication:

  • Attorney/Assistant time - rates may vary but at minimum we will ask that two hours of attorney time be covered in the initial retainer to be billed at .1 increments.
  • The runner and subpoena issuance are generally around $55 - $60 (court fees vary by court/county)
  • A routine process service, when local, generally runs around $60 - $80.
  • Additional costs may be necessary if there are additional services required.

Retainers are required in an amount to be quoted but are often large enough to cover the anticipated fees and costs, including possible second and third attempts for process service.  This way there is no delay in efforts for service due to funds not being available.  Any unused portions of the retainer are refunded unless otherwise agreed to.