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Having spent over two decades in the legal field, I can often spot problem areas that many business owners simply can't ... because they haven't had to experience the problem yet.

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Business Website Risk Audit

Are you starting a business and looking for ways to cut costs? We understand the temptation to take shortcuts to get your business up and running quickly. Why spend money on legal documents when you can find free templates online or copy content from other websites? Maybe you didn't intend to cut corners, but you never received advice specifically related to your online presence. Whatever your situation, don't worry—we get it.

However, it's crucial for you to know that what you don't know can harm your business and its finances. Let's consider an example: receiving a website or app demand letter based on the Americans with Disabilities Act. These letters are often sent by opportunistic lawyers, and dealing with them could cost you over $25,000! And that's just one small example of the potential risks. While we don't want to write ourselves out of a job, our sincere goal is to help our business owner clients avoid these expensive and painful situations by being proactive. Yes, it's hard to believe, but we genuinely care about your business. And the best place to start protecting it is your business website.

Having a lawyer review your business website is essential to ensure that the content and language on the site are legally compliant. A lawyer can identify potential liability issues related to the sale of products or services, ensure the accuracy and compliance of the site's terms of use and privacy policy, and verify that any testimonials or endorsements are not misleading. Additionally, a lawyer can assess the website for any potential infringement on intellectual property rights. Overall, a website review by a lawyer can shield your business from legal issues and potential liabilities. Moreover, from a customer's perspective, a lawyer-reviewed website inspires professionalism and trustworthiness.

We understand that this can be overwhelming. Despite what free or low-cost form builders may claim, there is no one-size-fits-all website solution for businesses. Risks can vary depending on the functionality of your website. That's why Beebe Law has developed a Business Website Risk Audit—a high-level, general, multi-point assessment that provides valuable information about your website and offers general guidance on how to minimize legal and reputational liabilities. Starting somewhere is crucial, right?

What does the Business Website Risk Audit include:

While our goal is to provide a helpful high-level overview, please note that our Business Website Risk Audit Report cannot cover every possible risk. It focuses on specific issues commonly overlooked by businesses during website creation and operation. The report may highlight areas that require deeper exploration later. Conducting a full "legal audit" on any specific area or topic covered in this general report would require us to possess more specific knowledge about your business and its operations. Therefore, the Business Website Risk Audit Report prepared for your business will be limited. Nonetheless, it's an excellent place to start.

The Business Website Risk Audit Report generally addresses the following areas:

We understand that you may have questions about the results of your Business Website Risk Audit Report. That's why we include a 15-minute telephonic or video consultation with an attorney in the price of the audit. This consultation allows you to ask questions based on the generated report and discuss potential options to address any concerns.

What does the full Business Website Risk Audit Report cost?

Full-fledged, formal business website risk audit reports can consume numerous hours and cost tens of thousands of dollars due to the nuances and complexities associated with different businesses. While such audits are essential for high-risk businesses, why not start with a more reasonable and cost-effective solution if you're unsure about where your business falls on the risk scale? At Beebe Law, we believe in starting with a basic audit report, addressing common issues first, and flagging areas for follow-up at a more affordable price. For a flat fee of $1,600.00, you can receive a general, multi-point Business Website Risk Audit Report. Consider the peace of mind that comes from having a trained second pair of eyes review your website. Can you put a price on that? Where else can you pay $1,600.00 to potentially avoid spending $25,000.00 or more?

I'm not ready for a full Business Website Risk Audit Report.  Do you have less expensive options?


​​Looking for a more affordable option or prefer a single-point assessment? No worries, Beebe Law understands the need for flexibility. Introducing our budget-friendly "mini-audit" options, where you can select any of the following topics for just $300.00 each:

To get started, fill out the form below and simply click on the specific topic(s) you'd like us to review. It's a cost-effective way to address your immediate concerns while still receiving professional expertise.

I want a Business Website Risk Audit (or Mini-Audit) Report.  What is the process?

We're delighted that you're taking a proactive step to better protect your business by requesting a general Business Website Risk Audit Report from Beebe Law! The process is straightforward.

1.  Fill out the online form below.

2.  Wait for an email from Beebe Law confirming that there are no conflicts of interest (usually received within 1-3 business days). The email will include a link to make your non-refundable, earned-upon-receipt, flat-fee payment of $1,600.00 (or whatever the total is for any Mini-Audits at $300.00 each you have selected)) for the Business Website Risk Audit (or Mini-Audit) and Report.

3.  Make the payment for the Business Website Risk Audit and Report. You can use a Debit Card, Visa, Discover, or Mastercard. Unfortunately, we no longer accept American Express. Alternatively, you may choose to pay via e-check.

4.  Wait for your Business Website Risk Audit (or Mini-Audit) and Report to be completed (usually received within 1-2 weeks). We will email it to you along with a link to schedule your 15-minute post-Report follow-up consultation.

5. Schedule your 15 minute post-Report follow up appointment.

6.  Have a chat with an attorney about the results of your Report.

​Let Beebe Law help safeguard your business by giving your website the attention it deserves. Start with a Business Website Risk Audit Report today!​


Intake Form for Business Website Risk Audit and Report

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