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We take on select litigation matters.  No one really enjoys the process of litigation as they can be taxing on emotions and resources. However, if you find yourself in a heated contract dispute or other situation where you believe litigation is necessary, please Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss how we may assist you.  You don't have to go at it alone and in some cases, the legal system won't even allow you to.  We are well connected and have often have the ability to work with some of the larger firms in the state/country which can give our clients the benefit of big firm names and broad representation coupled with the benefits of working more closely with a small firm.

Are you litigating in another state but need to conduct discovery here in the State of Arizona? We may be able to help! See our page on Foreign State Subpoena Domestication.  Litigating in a country outside of the United States and you need discovery on a party located here in Arizona?  We may be able to help!  See our page on Foreign Country Discovery Application.

Litigation Projects by Beebe Law Include:

  • Represented a well known celebrity in a seven-figure contract dispute (the matter settled)
  • Represented a client who was considering litigation over breach of contract (the matter settled prior to filing a case)
  • Consulted with multiple firms relating to the process relating to domesticating a foreign subpoena
  • Defended contractor in case for construction defect claim (limited scope representation)
  • Initiated action on behalf of defamation client over online harassment campaign (injunctive relief received; content was taken down from the Internet)

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Anette saved my wife and I when I was sued by a former employer falsely claiming I breached my contract. We were so impressed by her work ethic and dedication to get us justice in the matter.

- B.C., Litigation Client