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Ah, the Internet. Both a blessing and a curse...  Either way, I'm here ... keeping up with the legal issues for you.

Internet Law has grown exponentially over the last 20+ years and has proven to be a hotbed of continually changing laws, rules and regulations...and problems to go with it.  Fortunately Beebe Law, PLLC has been keeping up to date and can help advise you and lead you in the right direction if you have questions relating to internet use and repercussions from the same - including advising on options relating to online defamation and various forms of technology facilitated harassment.  Some people think they need a "personal injury" attorney for such actions and while some personal injury attorneys may address these kinds of issues, it's important to find a lawyer that understands the uniqueness of online torts.  Whether you are an influencer making a deal with a business, are a victim of an online tort, or have some random online issue that might fit somewhere in between, we can probably help you.  

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss how we may assist you with concerns relating to the following:

  • Impersonation/Imposter Accounts​ (personal and business accounts)

  • ​Online Harassment & Stalking

  • Revenge Porn/Technology Facilitated Harassment

  • Online Defamation/Libel 

    • Review Arizona Defamation Law Definitions and Statute of Limitations Information HERE.

    • Before you consider litigating, you should read why getting Court Orders to ask sites to remove content doesn't necessarily work all the time.

    • John Doe lawsuits against anonymous defamers require more hoop jumping and, consequently, can be more expensive than a traditional litigation where you know who the defendant is.
  • First Amendment/Free Speech Rights

  • Online Brand Protection

    • Brand protection starts from the very beginning - at the choosing your business name and domain kind of beginning. 

  • Reputation Management

    • Discuss your options outside of costly litigation and ways to improve responses

  • ​Advertising Copy Review

  • ​Sponsorship & Influencer Agreements

  • Digital Crisis Planning and Response

Social Media and Online Defamation Law Related Matters handled by Beebe Law include:

  • Drafted cease and desist letter on behalf of a business to alleged online defamer; subject post successfully removed.
  • Consulted with business relating to options for handling alleged online defamer.
  • Consulted on options relating to revenge porn aka technology facilitated harassment.
  • Consulted with parents of teens engaging in questionable online activity in efforts to mitigate risk and long term impact.​
  • Filed a lawsuit against an anonymous online impersonator and defamer resulting in a preliminary injunction and subsequently had the harmful content removed from the Internet.

The Stuff YOU Do Online - User Generated Content and Behaviors

​​Online Defamation & Reputation Management Articles

Social Media Law & Online Defamation

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