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Beebe Law, PLLC ("Beebe Law") is an Arizona professional limited liability company, within the United States.  Beebe Law operates exclusively under the laws of the state of Arizona and applicable federal laws.

Legal advice can only be provided for the state(s) in which any specific attorney, associated or otherwise, is licensed to practice law.  Please see attorney bio under "Attorney" menu, as may be applicable, for more information.  

Beebe Law may provide consultation to counsel outside of the state of Arizona.  Consultation services should not be misconstrued with formal legal advice.  Any state specific information that may be provided during consultation will require formal review by an attorney licensed in the subject foreign state or country as may be applicable.

Throughout this website the term "we" may be used.  Currently Beebe Law is a solo practice of Anette Beebe and any reference to the term "we" shall be construed to mean Anette Beebe and Beebe Law, PLLC (the entity) together with any contracted or employed attorney, support staff or vendor operating on behalf of Beebe Law, PLLC.

Disclaimer Notices

This website is for informational purposes only.  This website and the materials contained hereon have been prepared by Beebe Law, PLLC for informational purposes only and none of the information is intended to constitute formal legal advice.  While we certainly try to keep information on this website current, it is possible that the information does not reflect the most current legal developments in the law and laws may vary, and be applied differently, from state to state.  As such, persons viewing the information on this website should not act upon any information contained on this website without consulting an attorney regarding your specific and unique situation.  Legal advice is not one-size-fits-all.  


You use this site at your own risk.  This site is provided on an "AS IS" basis.  Beebe Law does not provide a warranty of any kind.  Further, Beebe Law disclaims any liability from damages that may result from the use of this website, the content contained within it, or if you should otherwise be unable to access this website due to website malfunction or any other reason that would render the site unavailable to you.

No contract is formed through the submission of information.  All matters are subject to conflict checks.  As such, please do not submit any unsolicited confidential information via email or though the use of any of our online forms on this website.  Contacting us through any means does not create an attorney-client relationship, and will not be deemed to disqualify Beebe Law, PLLC from representing a current or future client.  Before any attorney-client relationship is formed, Beebe Law, PLLC will, as suggested above, need to run a conflict check.  Additionally, Beebe Law, PLLC cannot assist you as your attorney unless and until Beebe Law, PLLC has expressly agreed, in writing as documented by a form retention agreement, that it will serve as your attorney/counsel and any requested retainer fee has been paid in good funds.

Testimonials.  Testimonials contained on this website were obtained voluntarily from real clients of Beebe Law, PLLC.  No compensation was received by clients for the testimonials.  Also, see section on "no guarantee of results" below.  The use of a series of stars is merely a design element used to draw attention and promote content, including testimonials.  While the content for the testimonials are provided by clients, the stars do not equate to a specific client ranking of their experience with Beebe Law, PLLC.  Simply put, read the content, not the stars.

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