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Beebe Law, PLLC


Beebe Law, PLLC is primarily operated as a solo practice by Anette Beebe. Although the term "we" or "us" is commonly used to refer to our firm, encompassing both the business entity and Ms. Beebe, it may also include contract assistants or additional attorneys that are engaged on a case-by-case basis as required to effectively handle matters.

While our firm is led by Anette Beebe, who brings extensive legal expertise and experience, we have the ability to collaborate with trusted professionals when necessary to provide comprehensive legal solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

Rest assured that regardless of the size of our team, Beebe Law, PLLC is committed to delivering personalized and high-quality legal services to assist you with your legal matters.


Beebe Law, PLLC concentrates in a range of legal areas to assist our clients effectively. Our primary practice areas include:

1. Business Law: We provide comprehensive legal support to businesses, offering guidance on various matters related to general business operations, contracts, and regulatory compliance.

2. Intellectual Property: Our firm handles select Intellectual Property issues, assisting clients with protecting their trademarks and copyrights, as well as advising on licensing and infringement matters.

3. Internet, Social Media, and Defamation: We have expertise in navigating legal issues arising from the digital landscape. This includes addressing internet-related matters, data privacy, e-commerce issues, social media policies, defamation cases, and providing digital crisis planning and response strategies.

4. Litigation: We offer strategic representation in litigation matters, focusing on select cases that align with our areas of expertise. Our services include assisting counsel outside of Arizona with domesticating foreign state subpoenas and navigating federal court procedures for foreign country discovery requests.

Additionally, we can provide consultation to counsel outside of Arizona who seek our specialized knowledge in specific areas such as the laws surrounding Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (47 U.S.C. § 230) and the anti-sex trafficking law known as SESTA/FOSTA (FOSTA being the appropriately used acronym).

At Beebe Law, PLLC, we are dedicated to delivering tailored legal solutions that meet our clients' needs in these diverse practice areas.


At our law firm, we understand that many individuals seek free legal advice or have a few quick legal questions they'd like answered over the phone. While we genuinely wish we could provide this service, it would hinder our ability to focus on our existing clients' cases effectively. 

Instead, we offer an Initial Consultation that involves a fairly competitive fee for the expertise provided. This fee covers the time we invest in evaluating your matter, formulating a strategy to address your situation, and addressing any questions you may have. We believe that this initial meeting is crucial for getting you on the right track and empowering you to play an active role in managing your legal matter, should you choose to do so. This approach helps minimize costs and ensures you have the knowledge and tools to navigate your case effectively.

To learn more about our Initial Consultation process and the legal strategy we develop specifically for you, we invite you to visit our dedicated Initial Consultation/Legal Strategy page.

Please note that by investing in an Initial Consultation, you're making a proactive step towards resolving your legal concerns with the guidance and expertise of our experienced team.


Beebe Law, PLLC understands the challenges faced by business owners and managers when seeking timely legal advice. That's why we offer our unique service as an "outside in-house" or "outside general counsel" to cater to your specific needs.

Imagine having a trusted legal advisor just a phone call or email away, ready to provide immediate guidance whenever questions or ideas arise during your day-to-day business operations. With Beebe Law, PLLC acting as your outside "in-house counsel," you can eliminate the time-consuming process of searching for an advisor, going through conflict checks, and scheduling appointments that may be weeks away.

By engaging our services, you gain instant access to a reliable legal advisor, saving you valuable time and frustration. We become an integral part of your team, available to answer questions, provide legal insights, and offer guidance on routine matters without any surprise bills. Our monthly service fee for routine matters becomes a predictable and manageable part of your business operating expenses.

If you're a business owner seeking to avoid delays in progress and have a dedicated legal advisor to bounce ideas off or address questions as they arise, we invite you to explore our Outside In-House Counsel Service page and complete the associated form. We are eager to understand your unique business needs and work within your budget to create a tailored solution that brings peace of mind and supports your success.


Let's be honest, not all attorneys and law firms fit the same mold, and we understand that each person has their own expectations when it comes to their legal representation. We believe that building a strong relationship with your attorney is crucial, as it goes beyond having a solid case or project. It's about having someone by your side, even during the toughest times.

We recognize that personalities may not always click, and we want to ensure that you have the best possible experience and feel at ease with your legal representation throughout the entire process. Building a comfortable and positive working relationship can make the situation more enjoyable and even make the billing process more manageable.

At Beebe Law, we prioritize your satisfaction and strive to create an environment where you feel supported and understood. We value open communication, trust, and collaboration, so you can feel confident that your needs are being met and your voice is heard.

We want your experience with us to be both pleasant and productive, and we're committed to providing you with exceptional legal representation that aligns with your unique personality and preferences. Together, we can weather any storm and navigate the legal landscape with confidence.


  • An attorney who solely relies on a high-priced suit as a showpiece.
  • An attorney with an extensive staff who charges for every second of immediate assistance.  We prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness by avoiding unnecessary overhead costs, allowing us to offer lower billable rates.  An attorney with a flashy office in the high-rent districts of downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale.  We operate without a physical public office, focusing on providing quality legal services rather than extravagant spaces. This approach enables us to maintain lower billable rates.
  • An attorney who puts on an aggressive show to create an impression of power.
  • An attorney who compromises ethical standards.
  • An attorney who simply tells you what you want to hear, rather than providing honest advice that may be in your best interest.

At Beebe Law, PLLC, we prioritize authenticity, integrity, and a client-centered approach. We believe in providing practical and honest legal guidance tailored to your unique needs. Our focus is on building a strong attorney-client relationship based on trust, transparency, and effective communication. We strive to offer reliable advice, even if it means delivering difficult truths or exploring alternative solutions to meet your objectives. Our commitment is to provide you with exceptional legal representation that aligns with your values and delivers the best possible outcomes.


  • An attorney who treats you like a friend rather than just a source of revenue. While we understand the importance of running a business and generating income, Ms. Beebe, as a solo practitioner from a small town background, aims to provide that "small town service" feel, even in a big city. We strive to establish strong, lasting relationships that go beyond financial transactions.
  • An attorney who is willing to meet at your place of business occasionally to gain a firsthand understanding of your operations. We believe in experiencing your business environment to better comprehend your needs, rather than relying solely on explanations in a traditional office setting. In fact, we don't maintain a physical office.
  • An attorney who embraces virtual work and communication, comfortable with regular interactions via email, secure messaging portals, or platforms like Zoom.
  • An attorney with a laid-back approach, seeking common ground to resolve matters. We prioritize negotiation and strive to be assertive only when it genuinely benefits your cause. However, don't expect a "scorched earth" strategy, even when the other party may deserve it.
  • An attorney who provides candid advice, focusing on what you need to hear rather than just what you want to hear. Our commitment is to offer honest and realistic guidance to help you make informed decisions.
  • An attorney with a strong network within the legal community. If your situation requires outside expertise, we can often provide top-notch referrals, even if they extend beyond our geographic location, ensuring you receive the assistance you need. Of course, it will be up to you to ensure that the referral fits your specific needs, but we strive to get your pointed in the right direction whenever possible.


At Beebe Law, PLLC, our billing structure generally operates on an hourly basis, calculated in traditional increments of one-tenth (6 minutes). The hourly rate varies depending on several factors such as the assigned professional (Ms. Beebe, a contracted attorney, or a paraprofessional assistant), the complexity of the matter, the project type, and any urgency involved. As a result, hourly rates for paraprofessional staff and attorneys typically fall within the range of $150 to $525, depending on these specific circumstances.

For businesses seeking our Outside In-House Counsel services, we offer a customized monthly fee that aligns with the unique requirements of each business client. This allows for budgeting and ensures a tailored approach to meet your specific needs.


No, Beebe Law, PLLC does not maintain a traditional physical office. We operate virtually, utilizing telephonic and video conference meetings as the primary means of communication. This allows for efficient and convenient collaboration with our clients. While our standard practice is to conduct meetings remotely, we understand that certain situations may require in-person consultations. In such cases, if necessary, we can arrange to meet clients at a physical location, such as their business office. Please note that appointments of this nature may incur additional costs due to travel time and mileage. However, it's important to emphasize that such meetings are exceptions rather than the norm.


We do consider flat fees for certain specific items and services. For instance, we offer flat fee pricing for our Business Website Risk Audit and our "Outside In-House Counsel" program. However, it's important to note that the majority of the work we do is not "form driven" or generic. We understand that each business is unique, and our clients require tailored solutions that address their specific needs. As a result, a "one-size-fits-all" flat fee approach is not typically applicable to the services we provide, unless specifically stated on our website for special offers, pre-consultation file reviews and analysis, or through our "Outside In-House Counsel" services.


Certainly! We offer "à la carte" services, which are ideal for clients who prefer a more hands-on approach but may require occasional assistance or guidance. In Arizona, attorneys are now able to provide what is commonly known as "limited scope representation." This type of representation allows clients to break down their legal matter or project into specific tasks or pieces, for which they can hire and pay the attorney accordingly.

Limited scope representation offers numerous benefits, including cost-effectiveness. The State of Arizona has provided comprehensive information outlining the pros, cons, and frequently asked questions regarding this type of representation. We strongly encourage anyone considering hiring Beebe Law, PLLC or any other law firm under limited scope representation to review this information.

These "à la carte" legal services may also be referred to as:

  • Limited Scope Representation
  • Limited Appearance Representation
  • Unbundled Legal Services
  • Unbundled Services
  • Discrete Task Representation
  • Discrete Legal Representation


We understand that each client's needs are unique, and our client intake/onboarding process is tailored to accommodate those needs. Depending on your specific requirements, you will follow the steps outlined below, beginning with electronic communication:


If you have a general question about our services, wish to book Ms. Beebe for a speaking engagement, or have a general comment, we recommend visiting our Contact page and completing the form provided. This form allows you to provide us with limited and basic information about the nature of your inquiry, and our team will take it from there.​



If you believe we can assist you, have most, if not all, of the relevant information about your matter or project, and are ready to schedule a consultation, please follow these three steps in order:

  1. Read our Initial Consultation page: It is important that you understand what to expect and how our process works. If you feel comfortable with the process and are ready to move forward, proceed to Step 2.
  2. Fill out our online Client Intake form: This form allows us to assess any potential conflicts and determine if your matter aligns with the types of cases we handle.
  3. Wait for an email response: Our office will respond to your inquiry, either clearing you of conflicts or explaining if we are unable to assist you. In the event that we cannot accommodate your needs, we will strive to provide you with a referral to another attorney or law firm that may be better suited to help. If we are able to assist you and conflicts are cleared, proceed to Step 4.
  4. Schedule an appointment: Using our online calendaring portal, select a date and time for your consultation that best fits your schedule. We offer options for telephone or video conference consultations through the Zoom platform.
  5. Pay the non-refundable consultation fee: To secure your appointment, we require payment of the consultation fee at least 24 business hours in advance. You can access the payment link from your calendar invite or through the Initial Consultation page.

We aim to make the intake and onboarding process as streamlined and convenient as possible. If you have any further questions or require clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


We understand that budgeting for legal projects is important, and we strive to provide transparency regarding potential costs. However, estimating the exact cost of a project can be challenging due to various factors that influence pricing. While we may be able to offer a rough estimate, it's important to note that even these estimates can be imprecise. Please keep in mind that unless the project falls under a limited scope flat fee arrangement, providing an exact number is not possible.

To help you gain a better understanding of anticipated fees for a specific type of project, we can provide a sample range of costs. However, it's recommended that you also read the article titled "Legal fees: 7 ways that YOU may be contributing to a higher legal bill" to better comprehend the factors that can impact costs.

Please note that these sample ranges do not encompass the full scope of services provided by Beebe Law, PLLC, and they do not account for unexpected circumstances that may arise. The following are approximate ranges for "routine matters" in terms of attorney fees:


  • Multi-Point general Business Website Risk Audit Report - $1,600 flat fee for initial general review
    • In order to provide flexibility to our clients, we also offer Mini-Audits of certain topics for $300.00 a piece.  See the Business Website Risk Audit page for more details.
  • Pre-LLC Formation Brand Search (Trademark and online reputation perspectives) - $400 - $800 (price varies based upon complexity)
  • ​Single Member LLC Operating Agreement - $400 to $1,600 (price varies based upon complexity)
  • Multiple Member LLC Operating Agreement - $800 - $5,000+ (price varies based upon complexity)
  • Draft Simple Demand Letter (no legal or outside research) - $800 to $1,600
  • Draft Complex Demand Letter (legal or outside research required) - $1,600 - $3,200
  • Contract Review with Written Comments (no legal or outside research) - $100 - $125 a page (price varies based upon font size and complexity)
  • Contract Review with Written Comments (legal or outside research required) - $100 - $200 a page (price varies based upon font size and complexity)
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiating (per contract) - $1,200 to $3,200+  (price varies based upon complexity)
  • Independent Contractor Agreement - $800 - $1,600 (price varies based upon complexity)
  • Non-Disclosure ("NDA") or "Confidentiality" Agreement - $800 - $1,600 (price varies based upon complexity)


  • Trademark clearance search and registration with the State of Arizona or with the USPTO - $800 to $1,000 (plus filing fees).  See our Trademark page for more information.
  • Trademark Cease and Desist Letter - $400 to $1,600
  • Review of a Trademark Cease and Desist Letter with Written Comments (no legal or outside research) - $400 to $800
  • Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ("UDRP") Complaint - $3,000 to $10,0000 (not including WIPO Fees) (price varies based upon complexity)
  • Copyright DMCA Notice - $400 to $1,300
  • Review of a Copyright Cease and Desist Letter with Written Comments (no legal or outside research) - $400 to $650  


  • Multi-Point general Business Website Risk Audit Report$1,600 flat fee for initial general review (or Mini-Audits at $300 per topic)
  • Draft Website Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions - $1,600 to $3,200+ (price varies based upon complexity)
  • Review an Existing Website Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions With Written Comments - $800 to $1,200+ (price varies based upon complexity)
  • Conducting Review of a Website for Compliance with Americans With Disabilities Act ("ADA") with Written Comments (no legal or outside research) - $400 to $1,600.
  • Draft Cease and Desist Letter to Known Defamer - $800 to $1,600 (no legal or outside research)
  • Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ("UDRP") Complaint - $3,000 to $10,0000 (not including WIPO Fees) (price varies based upon complexity)
  • Working with Social Media Sites to Try and Resolve Common Issues Relating to Account Impersonation, Copyright or Trademark Infringement - $800 - $3,600+


  • File or Defend a Civil Business Lawsuit in State County Court - $15,000 - $100,000+ (price varies based on complexity and actions by the other side)
    • Even a one sided case Plaintiffs case (where the Defendant fails to appear and defend) can run upwards of $30,000 given more complicated circumstances.
    • John Doe lawsuits can be more expensive because of all the upfront work that needs to be done just to try and figure out who is behind an anonymous online account.  You should expect a minimum ​of $8,000 - $10,000 just to get the ball rolling.
  • File or Defend a Civil Business Lawsuit in Federal District Court - $20,000 - $100,000+ (price varies based on complexity and actions by the other side)
    • ​If you've already had prior counsel, and that relationship has been terminated for whatever reason and you're asking Beebe Law to step in, understand that it takes time and resources to appropriately get up to speed on what has already happened in the case prior to our engagement.  This can take many hours depending on how far into the case you are and/or how much discovery/evidence has already been disclosed at the time Beebe Law is asked to become involved.
  • Domesticating a Foreign State Subpoena in Arizona for law firms or individuals litigating outside of Arizona, but need to obtain testimony or documentary evidence from an individual or entity domiciled in Arizona - $800+ (typically includes initial correspondence, document prep costs, court fees, court runner and initial routine process service within the local area)
  • Filing 28 U.S.C. Section 1782 Application for discovery on a third-party for a foreign law firm's use in a foreign country proceeding.  $5,000+ (typically includes initial correspondence, initial draft of application, proposed order, subpoena, court filing fee and initial process service attempt). Prices may vary depending upon complexity.  

​The above list is only referenced by way of example of common ranges for some of the types of work that Beebe Law, PLLC can assist with.  If you have any questions relating to whether or not we can assist you with a particular matter, please Contact Us!


No, Beebe Law, PLLC does not typically handle cases on a contingency fee basis. The nature of our work is such that contingency fees are not commonly applicable. Contingency fees are more commonly associated with personal injury, mass tort, or other class action practices.


Yes, Beebe Law, PLLC requires an advanced deposit/retainer for all first-time clients. For ongoing matters, including existing clients, we may request replenishment of retainers ("evergreen retainers"). The retainer will be deposited into the firm's Trust Account and applied as fees are earned in accordance with our retention agreement, also known as the fee agreement. At the end of a project, any unearned fees will be refunded. 

For clients who become general business clients with regular routine work and establishes a long history of prompt payment, maintaining funds on retainer may not be required. 

For businesses engaging Beebe Law, PLLC for "Outside In-House Counsel" services, a monthly bill is issued to pre-pay for the pre-negotiated services for the following month. These fees are considered "earned upon receipt" and are not placed in the Trust Account.


An "evergreen retainer" operates similarly to a traditional retainer agreement but offers some key advantages for both our clients and our firm. Under a traditional retainer, a client is required to provide a large upfront sum to retain the firm for legal services. These funds are held in the firm's Trust Account and used to finance the legal project as needed, with any remaining balance returned at the end of the matter. 

In contrast, an evergreen retainer offers the following benefits:

  • Improved financial flexibility: With an evergreen retainer, clients are not burdened with a large upfront sum. Instead, smaller amounts are paid more frequently, making it easier to budget and manage finances.
  • Enhanced financial predictability: The evergreen retainer agreement establishes clear expectations and provides better predictability in terms of billing. Clients have a better understanding of what they will be billed for and when.
  • Reduced risk of work interruption: Regular replenishment of the evergreen retainer ensures that sufficient funds are available in the Trust Account. This minimizes the risk of work interruption due to past due invoices or delays in gathering funds for a lump sum retainer.
  • Streamlined accounting and stable cash flow: The evergreen retainer system improves the efficiency of our accounting processes and stabilizes cash flow for our firm. This allows us to dedicate more time and attention to you and your legal matter or project.

Overall, the evergreen retainer offers greater financial flexibility, predictability, and ensures a smoother workflow for both our clients and our firm.  

Example of how the evergreen retainer works.  Sally Doe has a legal issue.  Rather than requiring Sally to provide an initial lump sum of $25,000 to retain the firm, Sally instead enters into an evergreen retainer agreement with the firm whereby Sally agrees to pay $5,000 down as an initial retainer, always maintain $3,500 in the Trust account (the "evergreen threshold"), and to replenish the account equal to whatever is billed the prior month.  In this instance, payment procedures would look like the following:

  • ​If there are enough advanced deposit funds in Trust to cover Sally's bill, without dropping below her $3,5000 evergreen threshold, the earned funds will be deducted from the Trust account, and Sally will receive an invoice reflecting the funds remaining in Trust.  For example, Sally has $5,000.00 in Trust but the billing only amounts to $1,000.00.  After paying the bill from the funds in Trust, Sally would still have $4,000.00 in Trust.  Because Sally's funds in Trust, after deducting the earned fees/costs by the firm, did not drop below the $3,500.00 evergreen threshold, Sally will not be required to provide any additional advanced deposits that month.
  • ​If there are enough advanced deposit funds in Trust to cover Sally's bill, but after applying the funds to billing she falls below her evergreen threshold, the earned funds will be deducted from the Trust account, she would receive an invoice reflecting the funds remaining in Trust, and she will receive a Trust Request for the difference between her evergreen threshold and the remaining amount in Trust.  For example, if here, where her evergreen threshold amount is $3,500.00 and, after billing, she only had $1,500.00 left in Trust, she would receive a bill showing her $1,500.00 left in Trust but, would also receive a Trust Request for $2,000.00 to bring the Trust account back up to $3,500.00 evergreen threshold.
  • If Sally's advanced deposits have been completely depleted, meaning after billing she owes more than she has in Trust, then the earned fees will be deducted from the Trust account, she would receive an invoice for the remaining balance due on the invoice, and she would also receive a Trust Request to replenish the Trust account back up to the evergreen threshold.  For example, if Sally started the month with $3,500.00 in Trust, and the monthly bill for services is $4,000.00, the firm would apply the $3,500.00 in trust to the $4,000.00 bill and Sally would received a bill for $500.00 for the remaining amount due.  Sally would also receive a Trust account request for $3,500.00 to replenish the Trust account to that $3,500.00 evergreen threshold to contribute towards future billing.

The above scenario is a general example only.  The specifics of any retention agreement, including a clause relating to the evergreen retainer, will be outlined in detail in your retention agreement.​​​


Yes!  Beebe Law, PLLC accepts payments for not only for regular invoice payments, but also retainers/advance deposits, by credit card through a secure payment portal.  Credit Cards accepted by Beebe Law, PLLC include Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.  Sorry, we no longer accept American Express. 

Copyright 2012 - 2023, Beebe Law, PLLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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