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Initial Consultation Process and Payment Options

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I understand the value of a dollar. That's why I try to empower my clients to take an active roll in the project when possible which can help minimize costs.

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  1. Fill out and submit the Client Intake form online if you haven't already.  If you chose to fill out a hard copy form, make sure that it is returned to the firm or your consulting consulting attorney. You will receive another email in 1-3 business days with further questions or instructions for moving forward.
  2. Be sure you have been notified by your consulting attorney (or their assistant) that your matter has been cleared by the firm of conflicts. If your attorney has a non-waivable conflict, they will not be able to consult with you. 
  3. Once you receive the "all clear" regarding conflicts, schedule your telephonic or video conference consultation through our online calendar.
  4. Be sure you have compiled and organized, chronologically if possible as dates and timing of things can be very important, all necessary documents (business documents, contracts, photographs, emails, screenshots, text messages, etc. that pertain to your particular situation/project).  Because our consultations are conducted telephonically or through Zoom video conference you will want to ensure that you have sent, and the consulting attorney has received at least 1 full business day prior to your consultation, all of the documents that may be associated with your situation.  If your documents are voluminous to easily email, you may want to place them in a secure share file portal and provide a link to the same.  If you have extra sensitive data, and you are uncomfortable transmitting such information via internet (though a secured portal), you may want to consider placing such sensitive content on a flash drive and mail it via Federal Express or similar priority mail ahead of time.  Please discuss any of these sensitive data concerns with your consulting attorney.
  5. Pre-pay the $350.00 consultation fee at least 24 hours prior to your appointment and ensure that the fee has been received by the firm.  See options for payment below.


We understand that needing an attorney can be a scary or frustrating experience for some or perhaps just another "cost of doing business" for others. Either way, you want us to take you seriously and provide valuable time and attention to your matter. In order for us to do that we do charge for consultations.  A typical one-hour consultation is $350.00 but if you properly prepare ahead of time by ensuring you've got all of your information organized prior to the meeting, your meeting will be a lot more productive than a traditional "meet and greet."  

What are you getting for your $350.00 fee? During the initial consultation you can expect that the attorney will: 

  1. Listen to your side of the story about your situation or otherwise get details of the project you need assistance with.  

  2. Review some or all of the documents that your have brought in or provided electronically in preparation for your consultation. 
  3. Ask you questions pertinent to your situation/project that may help orient you to the bigger picture or drill down on details that may have impact on the overall strategy.
  4. Where applicable, provide you with some general options on how you may proceed, and/or provide thoughts relating to potential areas of risk, and/or advise if additional legal research would need to be conducted in order to give you a competent response regarding your options.  Sometimes an initial review and strategy planning session is all that one needs to get a person moving in the right direction.  One doesn't always need an attorney to do everything for them and we like to empower our clients to do as much work that they feel comfortable with, where appropriate, on their own.
  5. If necessary for any reason, provide you with referral(s) to alternative counsel.  This doesn't happen often but sometimes a client will come to us believing they have one type of case/situation and it turns out they actually need the expertise of counsel who has experience in a different area of law.  Fortunately we are well connected to other counsel in the community and across the country.

After the initial first five (5) steps have been gone through there will be a mutual selection process. You will get to evaluate and determine if you are interested in working with the attorney and the firm.  At the same time our attorney(s) will determine if they are interested in assisting you with your matter. Solid working relationships have to be a two way street. If you agree to work together either at the time of the consultation or at a later date, the attorney will discuss with your the fee structure, whether or not a retainer is required, discuss the scope of the representation including client expectations, and prepare a fee agreement which will outline your rights and responsibilities. 

As a part of our managing client expectations it is important for you to understand that NO WORK will begin until there is a signed fee agreement in place and the retainer has been received. 




Payment, in full, must be received at least 24 hours prior to consultation.  


Credit Card/Debit Card.  

  • Secure Payment Portal. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.
    • The amount to enter is $350.00
    • Where it says "What is this payment for?" enter: "Beebe Law, PLLC - Consultation - Your First and Last name and the name of your business, if applicable"